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Pinpoint issues in your business &
easily get them fixed

Being a business owner is hard. Going into it, you imagine a life of high sales figures and long beach holidays. The reality is often very different.

Overseeing every area of business can be exhausting and problems can become overwhelming quickly… We partner with SME’s to provide tailored solutions across every area of operations. Our streamlined and precise solutions prevent problems from arising and allow business owners to enjoy the luxuries they deserve. From business advice to marketing strategy, it is our attention to detail that really accelerates and reshapes corporations.

Relax completely with
our 24/7 service

Whether you need plane tickets booked or a suit dry cleaned at the last minute, our team are here for you. As a sister company of Mayfair Conceirge and Mayfair Concierge Homecare, we are able to provide a dedicated, 24/7 concierge and concierge homecare service. Our multilingual team make your dream lifestyle a breeze.


Making Luxury Attainable

Exactly the services you want…
exactly when you want them

At Noir PA, we pride ourselves on offering a range of services to a range of businesses, creating tailored solutions that fulfil every need or request. Our services prevent you from having to hire full time members of staff, allowing you to cut costs and relax in the hands of our vetted experts.  We’ll never try to sell you something you don’t want and we’ll never add extra costs. Simply provide us with a brief description of your pain points as a business owner and sit back as we craft the perfect solution for you.




“I’m really happy the service you provided. I was even more impressed when my wife and I was greeted and surprised with a bottle of champagne when we arrived at the restaurant, that was a nice little personal touch we appreciated especially as we didn’t even request for it. Also thanks for making sure the roses were ready and waiting beautifully in the car for the Mrs. Most importantly you executed the whole day perfectly and the next time I need another special day or date night organized, I can rest assured knowing your services are just a phone call away.”
Mr. Emmanuel


“I recently used Noir PA to help source the perfect ring for my now fiancée, I provided a sample of designs to work with and she spoke to various jewellers to find the most amazing design. She kept me updated with the progress of producing the ring I has finally decided upon. In addition to this she helped me plan the perfect evening to pop the question, from booking a restaurant and sourcing the best seat at a musical. The night went better than I could have imagined due to the impeccable planning Noir PA had carried out. Noir PA is highly professional and would definitely work them again in the future.”
Mr. O


“I was astonished and did not know such a service existed, Personal shopping from across the other side of the world delivered straight to your front door. Thank you, I travel often with work but still do not find the time to shop, especially when I come to London I still do not get the opportunity to visit my favorite shops Harrods, Selfridges and more. So thanks for always assisting me in times of need and well done for my outfit for my big event, making sure it reached my front door in good time all the way to Uganda. Looking forward to Christmas and New Years.”